ANode, cathode, and "biode"


To tackle climate change, batteries are crucial especially for e-mobility and energy storage of renewables. To achieve this, we need to develop new materials or new types of batteries; however, it requires a lot of time and investment. In fact, for the past 30 years, the basic principles of Li-ion batteries have remained the same. While power transmission/distribution and motors have both option of AC and DC, all the batteries work by DC.

Our AC batteries

We have developed the world’s first standalone AC battery by a “Biode” (patented). The Biode is a new word we created. It has both characteristics of an anode and a cathode. Together with an external single switch, our AC battery can create AC from a single battery and a single switch, regardless the number of electrodes. We already have several prototypes.

Safer ➜ Improved yield rates

Costing less to compensate the Biode cost

Reduced Cost of Battery Electronics

Minimize inverters/converters

Double the lifetime

(Our estimates. Discussed with third party experts)

Compatible with Existing Materials and Battery Production Lines

Same supply chain

30% higher capacity with Cockcroft-Walton Multiplier

(Testing to confirm)

Chemistry Agnostic

Not only Li-ion but any type, e.g. lead acid and all-solid state batteries


Applicable to existing systems/infrastructure using AC and easy conversion to DC


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