Coal and biomass ash
upcycling for adsorbent
end products

Vast resources are required to dispose of coal and biomass ash, leaving a toxic heavy metal footprint and little use for by-products.

Circulite can process the ash on site and use it to make adsorptive commercial end products.

CircuLite processing

Commercial products

Upcycled ash is transformed into end products that adsorb oil spills, filter industrial pollution and provide the basis for safe beauty products.

Circulite is a commercially-ready adsorption process which surpasses existing activated carbon and zeolite methods and generates adsorbent and antibacterial end products.

Adsorption is conducted locally, reducing waste transport costs and integrating the full industrial cycle on site.

Circulite can recycle:
- coal ash
- biomass ash
- sewer sludge
- sewage ash
- mining waste
- paper sludge ash
- oil shale ash
- alumina waste
- lithium by-products

The upcycling generates commercially viable and environmentally friendly outputs. A carbon capture feature is in development.

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