viva technology

AC Biode is attending Viva Technology on 16-18 May in Paris. Hope to see you at our booth!

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INNOspace masters space

April 21 2019

Superhero pose before the pitch. AC Biode is delighted to have participated, as one of the Top 3 ideas, the evaluations of INNOspace Masters at DLR (German Aerospace Agency) in Bonn-Oberkassels. Thank you so much AZO - Space of Innovation, ESA and Airbus. Looking forward to seeing you at the INNOspace masters space conference and ceremony in Berlin on 3 July. #batteries #INNOspaceMasters

April 19 2019

AC Biode have officially joined the #c#StartupAccelerator, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 #H2020.

#BecomingAstropreneurs ⚡️

AC Biode team develope the first-ever AC batteries, instead of DC.

They have joined the #Astropreneurs Space #Startup Accelerator in the 2nd round last winter.


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