international sustainable chemistry collaborative centre, frankfurt

23 October 2020 - Plastalyst by AC Biode was invited and virtually pitched as one of the featured start-ups at Investor Forum 2020 in Frankfurt by ISC3 - International Sustainable Chemistry Collaborative Centre and Think Beyond Plastic Foundation #oceanplastic #plasticwaste

battery session by nomura securities, japan

19 October 2020 - AC Biode was invited to talk about our AC #battery system at a battery session by Nomura Securities, Japan. #electrification #batteries 野村証券様ありがとうございました。

two world cups in two days

19 October 2020 - Two World Cups in two days. Plastalyst by AC Biode has virtually pitched as one of the finalists at University Student World Cup #USWC2020 in Wenzhou, China, and at Entrepreneurship World Cup #EWC2020 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. We didn't win but it was a great experience #plasticwaste #oceanplastic 日本代表としてリヤドで開催されたEWC2020に参加致しました

wins kubota award at ecotech grand prix in tokyo

3 October 2020 - #リバネス 主催の第一回エコテックグランプリでクボタ賞を受賞しました。Plastalyst by AC Biode, our chemical catalyst project, is thrilled to win #Kubota Award at EcoTech Grand Prix in Tokyo, organized by Leave a Nest. Kubota Corporation, Japan, is one of the world's largest tractor and heavy equipment manufacturers. With the support from them, we aim to tackle on-site #recycling of organic waste mixed with #plastic, including #oceanplastic We just took off masks only when for photos. 写真撮る時だけマスクを外しています (the article is only in Japanese)

Featured by Nikkan Kogyo newspaper, Japan

24 September 2020 - AC Biode was featured by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun (one of the largest industry-related newspapers in Japan) only in Japanese. 日刊工業新聞の「輝け!スタートアップ(48)」に掲載頂きました

Wins 1st place at oslo innovation week 2020, norway

23 September 2020 - Plastalyst by AC Biode is thrilled to win 1st place under Energy Track of Oslo Innovation Week 2020, Norway! Out of 329 startups from 50 countries. Many thanks #OIW2020 #oceanplastic #plasticwaste #chemicalrecycling

selected to unlocked in rotterdam

18 September 2020 - 4 days to go till #Unlocked2020 at UpstreamFestival!

Solving circular innovation challenges, forming collaborations and leveraging the Rotterdam Municipality Area ecosystem - here’s what we’re looking forward to at #Unlocked2020. Plastalyst by AC Biode is looking to unlock collaboration opportunities to tackle organic waste mixed with plastic.

Unlock your idea. Unlock your business partner. Unlock your next circular collaboration

featured by inam, berlin

AC Biode and Plastalyst were featured by INAM - Innovation Network for Advanced Materials we have joined. Thank you! #battery #plasticwaste #cleantech #oceanplastics

wins 1st place at ewc japan final

28th August 2020 - Plastalyst by AC Biode is excited to win 1st place at Entrepreneurship World Cup Japan National Finals. Judged by the distinguished juries, Tadokoro-san and Suzuki-san from Fresco Capital, and more. This is one of the largest pitch competitions in the world. The global finals is going to be in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia (remote) in October. #plasticwaste #oceanplastic

interviewed by infinity ventures summit 2020, japan

18th August 2020 - AC Biode was interviewed by #IVS2020, one of the largest startup events in Japan (In Japanese only) IVSに記事を書いて頂きました #battery #cleantech

featured by financial times and fr24news

10th August 2020 - AC Biode is thrilled to be featured by Financial Times. In case you can’t read this, here is the same contents by #FR24News. #battery

pitches at unicorn cup finals

28-30 July 2020 - As a representative from Japan, AC Biode pitched on these three days at Unicorn Cup Finals in Asia, Europe, and the USA, one of the largest start-up pitch competitions in 2020.

Pitches at infinity ventures summit 2020

AC Biode attended and pitched at IVS 2020 (online), one of the largest start-up events in Japan

Featured at the top page of nikkei business daily on 27th july monday 2020

Delighted to be featured at the top page of Nikkei Business Daily yesterday (27th July) as one of the four #battery startups in Japan (In Japanese only) / 日経産業新聞トップ記事で特集頂きました #mobility #energystorage


Attends webinar by luxinnovation / Luxembourg trade and invest

Our CEO, Tadashi, had a talk session at the webinar on Circular Economy in Luxembourg by Luxembourg Trade and Invest and LuxInnovation (Video is in Japanese except the session by LuxInnovation, in English)


one of the five start-ups awarded at japan-us innovation awards 2020

Delighted to be selected as one of the five Japanese start-ups awarded this year at Japan-US Innovation Awards 2020 at Stanford University (remote). Register from here to remotely attend the symposium. At breakout sessions, you can network with these start-ups, including BeyondMeat, Spiber, and more. Thank you SunBridge and Japan Society of Northern California!

2020 international connections prize

Our battery division won 2020 International Connections Prize at alphalabgear Hardware Cup global competition in Pittsburgh, USA. Aiming to do a pilot test first with drones by mid-2021, we are continuing our R&D!

3rd place at China(QingDao) Overseas Talents Innovation and Entrepreneurship Competition

Plastalyst is pleased to win 1st place at Startup Unicorn Battle in Tokyo. We were invited to pitch at the Unicorn CUP – Silicon Valley Finals on July 30, 2020. Thank you for organizing Startup.Network. They have organized more than 190 Startup Battles around the world. #plasticwaste

1st place at unicorn battle in tokyo

Plastalyst is pleased to win 1st place at Startup Unicorn Battle in Tokyo. We were invited to pitch at the Unicorn CUP – Silicon Valley Finals on July 30, 2020. Thank you for organizing Startup.Network. They have organized more than 190 Startup Battles around the world. #plasticwaste

plastalyst project will pitch at energy tech meetup tokyo

You can register at their site. The pitch will be on 24th June.

Thanks to Energy Tech Meetup and Tokyo Tech Startups.

our plastalyst project selected by cambridge institute for sustainability leadership

Always great to be back to Cambridge, even virtually. AC Biode's catalyst project to tackle #plasticwaste is delighted to be selected by Innovators for Change program of the Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL) #plastic #plasticsrecycling

selected as one of top 50 startups at eu startup prize 2020

AC Biode is thrilled to be selected as one of the EU Startup Prize 2020 top 50 startups! Glad our naming strategy works when we see AC Biode always comes first in the alphabetical order!!

#battery #batteries

1st place at scg bangkok business challenge

Delighted to win the Grand Prize of H.M. the King's Award at SCG Bangkok Business Challenge out of 208 teams around the world (fully online). Thank you so much for the organizers, definitely one of the best competitions we have participated

hardware cup 2020 finals in pittsburgh, us on 19th may (edt)

Hardware Cup 2020 in Pittsburgh/US: Joining our pitch live from all over the world, the 10 Finalists, including AC Biode, will pitch on 5/19! Make sure to tune in at 6pm (EDT) and register to receive the event access link at:

solar impulse efficient solution

AC Biode's new business, chemical catalysts to tackle organic waste and #plasticwaste, has been awarded and labeled as one of the "Solar Impulse Efficient Solutions" One of our catalysts carbonizes organic waste mixed with plastic on-site at a lower temperature than the existing catalysts. #COVID19 underscores our need to invest more in decentralized recycling and waste management to protect our local health and combat ocean plastic. Chemical recycling can recycle the non-recyclable, turning the most difficult-to-recycle #plastics, #oceanplastic into fuels, carbon, or virgin plastic rather than sending them to incinerators or landfills. It can take such waste and transform them to create a #circulareconomy #1000solutions

Solar Impulse

gamic finals in detroit

AC Biode is going to pitch as one of the finalists at GAMIC - 12th Annual Global Automotive and Mobility Innovation Challenge in Detroit. Due to COVID-19 pandemic, this year GAMIC Global Finals will be conducted virtually on

Friday, April 24, 2020, 10:30 AM – 4:00 PM (EST)

You can register from here to watch live / 日本時間夜中ですが、Mobilityやコンテストに関心のある方は是非ご覧下さい。登録すれば閲覧できます:

Cambridge cleantech

AC Biode has joined Cambridge Cleantech to expand our network, collaborations, and pilot testing opportunities in the UK and through Interreg Europe in the Northern Europe areas. We will keep growing even at the current unprecedented situation. 自宅からRemoteでネットワークを広げていきます。英国や北欧を中心に商談を進めていきます

GPACF Greentech award

Probably one of the first “everyone-from-home” startup competition finales in Paris. AC Biode is honored to win Mention GPACF GreenTech Award (from home at 4am in Japan) Distinguished judges including CTO of Renault, CEO of Faurecia, and more. Good things: we stopped the comp at 8pm and applauded health workers (2nd photo), and when won the Grand Prix Award, two pretty kids crashed to him (3rd photo) #wfh Merci Grand Prix ACF AutoTech #GPACF2020

Watch YouTube Live:

grandprix acf autotech, paris

WFH, now pitch from home (from 2 am in Japan).

We are going to pitch as one of the 3 finalists at

Grand Prix ACF AutoTech competition (supposed in Paris) online. Distinguished judges (from home), including CTO of Renault, CEO of Faurecia, President of ACF, and more! You can watch YouTube Live (from home) on the link below:

Start: 18:30 on 2nd April (local time in Paris, CET *summer time will start from 29th Mar) #GPACF2020

Nikkan kogyo shimbun

先日のMonozukuri Hardware Cup 2020について日刊工業新聞に掲載頂きました。ありがとうございます / AC Biode was featured on Monozukuri Hardware Cup 2020 by Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun, one of Japanese largest industry-focused newspapers (only in JP) Many thanks to the sponsors and Monozukuri Ventures

1st place at monozukuri hardware cup in kyoto

AC Biode was delighted to win 1st place at Monozukuri Hardware Cup in Kyoto last week and was invited to pitch at the global final in Pittsburgh, USA, in May. Thank you so much Monozukuri Ventures and the sponsors! 先週こちらのコンペで優勝できました。皆様お世話になりありがとうございました。京都市長もいらっしゃいました。5月の世界決勝では是非優勝を目指します!

Featured by 3 media:…/monozukuri-hardware-cup-2020-announced…

Medium in JP 日本語…/上位%EF%BC%93社決定-monozukuri-hardware-cup…

Nikkan Kogyo Newspaper in JP / 日刊工業新聞…

The Bridge in JP 日本語…

Grand prix acf autotech 2020, paris

AC Biode is thrilled to be selected as one of the 3 finalists at #GPACF2020, Grand Prix ACF Autotech in Paris on 2 April, sponsored by Renault, Faurecia, Plastic Omnium, AXA, FIDAL, and more.


#battery #renewable #electrification

world future energy summit, abu dhabi

AC Biode is going to exhibit and pitch as one of the finalists at CLIX 2020 in Abu Dhabi - Climate Innovations Exchange of World Future Energy Summit as a part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week - ADSW. 13th-16th January 2020. We hope to see you there. #battery #electrification #renewables

hello tomorrow's deeptech pioneer

(a late post) We have been named one of Hello Tomorrow's #DeepTech Pioneers! Selected among 5,000+ startups from 128 different countries that applied to the Global Challenge. Come and meet us at the Hello Tomorrow Global Summit in Paris on 12th-13th March 2020, one of the largest deeptech start-up events in the world

➡️ #DeepTechPioneer #HTSummit

semi-final in kinki area of "Sta*ATo" pitch by nikkei

I need your votes! / Preciso do seus votos (よろしければ、こちら右上の「評価する」を押して頂けると助かります) AC Biode is participating in the semifinal of a virtual pitch competition by #Nikkei Newspaper. Sorry in Japanese only but a button you will click is "Like". Just one click, once the "Like" button turns red, done. It takes only 30 seconds. Thank you in advance. 日経主催のこちらのコンペ: スタ・アトピッチ は、評価の1つが皆様の一票とのことで、お手数ですが1クリック頂けると有難いです。30秒で終わります。よろしくお願いします #mobility #electrification #renewables

1st place at comeup 2019, seoul

AC Biode was pleased to win 1st place at #FrontierTech category of #Comeup2019, the largest startup event in South Korea, led by Korea’s Ministry of SMEs and Startups. 韓国最大のスタートアップイベントで優勝しました Thank you for the invitation, futureplay! #battery

1st place at Mitaka Biz Plan Comp, Mitaka, Tokyo

AC Biode is pleased to win 1st place at Mitaka Business Plan Contest in Mitaka City, Tokyo. (the link is only in JP but you can see some photos) Our two patents have been granted, and we are continuing R&Ds. みたかビジネスプランコンテストで優勝しました。先日、特許2件も漸く正式に取得し、引き続き研究開発を続けます #battery #batteries

1st place at Meet&connect by cci france japon, tokyo

AC Biode was honored to win 1st place at Meet & Connect 2019. Merci beaucoup Crédit Agricole Bank, Norinchukin Bank, Le Village by CA Languedoc, CCI France Japon - 在日フランス商工会議所, AgVenture Lab, and Agorize. We were invited to Viva Technology in Paris in June and an Accelerator program there. #battery

MBA Startups look out for in 2020

Delighted to be featured by BusinessBecause's "#MBA #Startups To Look Out For In 2020" Thank you so much, BB, Cambridge Judge Business School, and Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre #cjbslife ビジネススクールオンライン出版の英国BusinessBecauseとCambridge大学ビジネススクールに掲載して頂きました

1st place at create the future, NYC

AC Biode is humbled and honored to win 1st place at Automotive Category of the Create The Future by Tech Briefs Many thanks to the organizers, the judges, Siemens, GE, and more.

New YorkでのコンペのAutomotiveカテゴリーで優勝しました

photo credit: Ellen Dubin Photography

4th place in guangzhou, china

Two start-up competitions in 2 weeks in China:

AC Biode won 4th place and some prizes at THero Brinc Global Startup Competition in Guangzhou, by Guangzhou Government.

Presented as one of the top 15 Asian start-ups at Asia Hardware Battle in Shanghai by TechNode, TechCrunch China, and Samurai Incubate. Huge thanks to the organizers. #batteries

University startup world cup, copenhagen

Japan hosted the Rugby World Cup, and AC Biode is pleased to have pitched as one of the finalists at University Startup World Cup (as a rep from the UK/Japan)

University Startup World Cup in Copenhagen.

Thank you Robert!

#USWC19 #sdg

Royal society of chemistry, london

It was a great pleasure to have presented as a finalist at 2019 Emerging Technologies Competition of #ChemMeansBusiness by Royal Society of Chemistry #batteries The Entrepreneurship Centre at CJBS

Make it in china startup contest

Delighted to have won the Tokyo Final of "Make it in China" contest by Guanzhou, THero, and Brinc. Invited to pitch the global final there in Nov. 広州天英匯国際スタートアップコンテスト東京予選で優勝しました

Santander universities growth accelerator

Excited to be a part of the finale at SUGA in London, Sep 2019. Thank you Santander UK, Cambridge Judge Entrepreneurship Centre, The Cambridge MBA and Robert!

Asia hardware battle

Humbled to have won Innovative Award at Japan Final of Asia Hardware Battle 2019. Thank you TechNode, Samurai Incubate and the judges.

Industry co-creation

ICC Kyotoのリアルテックカタパルトにてピッチさせて頂きました。ICC、リアルテックファンドの皆様ありがとうございました

We are humbled and excited to be a part of the Industry Co-Creation conference, the largest startup conference in Japan

New Energy challenge

Excited to announce that we are one of the shortlisted companies of Shell's #NewEnergyChallenge. Looking forward to the next steps and fingers crossed we'll be selected for the Final's Week in October, in the Netherlands! #startups #scaleups #innovation #energytransition

santander universities growth accelerator & the university of cambridge

We have been receiving incredible support from Santander UK, the University of Cambridge, and Cambridge Judge Business School through Santander Universities Growth Accelerator. #sanent19

energy xl by innoenergy, eit, the eu

Honored to have been selected to one of the top 5 finalists out of 200 clean energy startups at EnergyXL in Amsterdam. Thank you InnoEnergy, EIT, a body of the EU.

terra mater red bull

AC Biode was featured by Terra Mater Magazine, Austria, through Red Bull Media House. (in German)

innospace masters

AC Biode won 3rd place of ESA (European Space Agency) Challenge at INNOspace Masters in Berlin. An AC battery for micro satellite motors. Thank you ESA, Airbus, DLR, OHB, AZO and more!

california climate cup

AC Biode is delighted to have pitched as one of the top 10 finalists at California Climate Cup in LA, SF and Sacramento, CA. Thank you LA Cleantech Incubator, Volvo, and New Energy Nexus! California is leading green tech innovations.

Plug and play japan

Pleased to have been selected to Mobility Batch, Plug and Play Japan Acceleration Program! (English follows in the press release) PnPに選ばれ、これから企業との協業等模索していきます。hashtag#battery hashtag#batteries

viva technology

AC Biode is attending Viva Technology on 16-18 May in Paris. Hope to see you at our booth!

#battery #electricvehicle #valeo Valeo


INNOspace masters space

April 21 2019

Superhero pose before the pitch. AC Biode is delighted to have participated, as one of the Top 3 ideas, the evaluations of INNOspace Masters at DLR (German Aerospace Agency) in Bonn-Oberkassels. Thank you so much AZO - Space of Innovation, ESA and Airbus. Looking forward to seeing you at the INNOspace masters space conference and ceremony in Berlin on 3 July. #batteries #INNOspaceMasters

April 19 2019

AC Biode have officially joined the #c#StartupAccelerator, funded by the EU Horizon 2020 #H2020.

#BecomingAstropreneurs ⚡️

AC Biode team develope the first-ever AC batteries, instead of DC.

They have joined the #Astropreneurs Space #Startup Accelerator in the 2nd round last winter.


#battery Astropreneurs Impactech The Cambridge MBA Innovation Forum UCL / 宇宙航空分野への応用を欧州を中心に模索中です