We innovate at the nexus of
chemical engineering, material
science and electronics

Our award-winning patented breakthroughs in chemistry and electronics – “chemotronics” – deploy novel engineering solutions for ecological sustainability.

In addition to our AC power innovation, we create chemical catalysts that upcycle industrial ash and break down plastic waste.

Our labs are located in Japan and Western Europe.

Tadashi Kubo

Tadashi Kubo founded AC Biode in 2019 to pursue sustained ecological solutions through the best of chemical engineering and electrical innovation. Tadashi brings to AC Biode expertise in energy and infrastructure financing across Europe, Asia and Africa.

Dr. Atsushi Mizusawa

Dr Atsushi Mizusawa holds combined expertise in particle acceleration and battery research to anchor the unique knowledge fund that drives AC Biode’s product development.
Dr Atsushi has spent 25 years working in the field of batteries and circuits and has innovated across scientific sub-disciplines.

Robert Kunzmann

Robert Kunzmann is an entrepreneur and engineer who is passionate about making cutting-edge environmental innovation universally accessible. Robert specializes in commercializing engineering solutions to protect the ecosystem and enhance quality of life.